Gluten Free Rolls

This bread was my go-to food during the covid19 quarantine: it automatically made me feel better about the bad situation we were all in!

Fermented Cream Cheese

Here is something a bit different: a dessert with a new and interesting taste that is actually very good for your health as it contains a few healthy bacterias that help improve the digestive system.

Prunes & Almond Bites

A few days ago, I felt like eating something sweet, but nothing particular in mind, so I decided to improvise. The result was very nice!

Chestnut Cookies

This is one of the recipes that I often use in my online courses, the main reason being is that these are my favorite cookies! And so simple to make!

Healthy Banana Bread

This recipe has been shared with me by Christina (@happilyevernourished) and I loved making it! Here is how you can make Christina’s banana bread bars.

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