Prunes & Almond Bites

A few days ago, I felt like eating something sweet, but nothing particular in mind, so I decided to improvise. The result was very nice! Here is what you will need:

  • 300g prunes
  • 150g raw almonds
  • cinnamon or any other spices you like
  • 150ml coconut cream
  • 150g of good quality dark chocolate (80%)


  1. Mix prunes and almonds together in a food processor.
  2. Add cinnamon (or other spices) to your taste.
  3. Place in small silicone shapes (or form small balls, totally whatever).
  4. Make a ganache with coconut cream and dark chocolate.

It will be quite bitter but the taste of prunes will come out even more. You’d look for that sweetness with your tongue and rejoice. And that’s exactly how I like it ( although it could be bitter for others, but it doesn’t matter sometimes). Actually, I went a step further, covered the hardened desserts with a thin layer of a melted dark chocolate…some almond pieces as a decor …et voilà!

Prunes & Almond Bites
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